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Struggling with Forgiveness…

3 days ago | Dominique Bowman

Forgiveness, A widely familiar word yet, the action of true forgiving is rare. This irony exists due to an oblivious misunderstanding of what forgiveness is and who reaps the benefits. We have all been betrayed, mistreated, emotionally/physically abused, and the list goes on indefinitely, but how many of us have let go of all anger, […]


Part II: Feminism what it is & what it ain’t

5 days ago | Cameo King

There’s this idea that feminism can’t coexist with a lot of things – within the family structure, within a man who is chivalrous, within faith, within a wife who’s a stay at home mother, or that it only exists with women or only with unhappy women who need a relationship. So this week, we are […]