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Celebrating My Sisters: Jeanine Daniels

11 days ago | Cameo King

A few hours with Dion “Celebrating My Sisters” is an opportunity to highlight women making an exceptional impact in the world. These women may be leaders in industry, agents of political change, champions of social justice, or just have a unique approach to life. This month I am profiling Ms. Jeanine Daniels, Co-founder of the […]


Are you robbing the voice of your man?

42 days ago | Cameo King

A man’s silence on the nature of his relationship can speak volumes. It has ripple effects crossing generations.  However women, more often than not,  are unapologetic in speaking on the greatness, perks, both ups & downs of being in committed relationship. This week we are having a conversation with Dr. Sean Holland, pastor of Epicenter […]