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6 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Approaching a Woman

Category: Confessions Dec 02, 2015

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More recently than not I’ve had the opportunity to sit and ponder about dating. Yes, I’ve pondered (giggle & picture me by the sea at sunset) about the times I’ve been approached by grown men for date. I’ll be polite here and continue to use the terminology “date.” Because approaching me solely for sex and attempting to mask it as sincere interest in my being, is not a date. It’s not a date.  It’s transactional. I just want to be very clear. Just as much as is does for you, a date, colloquially, involves interest in my intellect, emotional stability, spiritual conscious, or simply a good time (just to name a few).

A date with me is not or never will be how I can satisfy you physically…that is unless me & the hubs are, ya know…just smile and keep reading.  If what you want is sex, be honest. Be straight up. I’m a grown woman who isn’t here for utterly ridiculous high school game of “do you like me enough to _______.”  I will happily let you know upfront what I am looking for.


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But never the less as a woman, some of the tactics have been egregious so much so I laugh and even imitate! We may need to have a conversation on what a woman is as well. Why, you ask – because there is a difference in responses when approaching a woman compared to girl. A woman responds differently. A woman is confident in her convictions and stands on, assess, and acts out her morals & truths. This doesn’t mean that a girl is any less. She is just on her way. She’s figuring it out, like we did and will continue to do so.

I say all this to say because of the failed tactics in approaching women, I decided to share some silly yet basic info on what not to do when approaching a woman. Honestly, I didn’t know adult men still felt some these actions were acceptable in successfully wooing a women or landing a date. Quite frankly, I thought we were out of this stage! But please enjoy—We weren’t too serious in this vid!


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