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The Good Returns in November

I REALLY hope you’ve been wondering “what in the world is going on with Good Girl Radio?!” If not, that’s fine. Our feelings aren’t hurt …THAT much. It just means we’ve got work to do! And working is exactly what we’ve been doing! We’ve been working to produce more video, better shows, and to stick to the heart of why we started! Good Girl Radio is meant to be the place where we can have raw, honest, conversations about the realities of navigating this thing called life.  I hope you’re ready…because it’s gonna get real! We’re not in this to entertain or make anyone feel good but we do this to change lives, to free folks from lies & myths that bind us from being everything we are meant to be. Every Good Girl has a confession…



If there is something specific you’d like us to talk about on a show this season, post it anonymously on the confession wall below!


I was a 28 year old virgin until…

This week a woman, who we are calling Britney, confessed that she was a 28 year-old virgin who transitioned to sleeping with two men in the same day, in the morning and evening.  Britney has always described herself as a woman who dedicated her life to God, through ministry , family, and her everyday actions but somewhere along the way things changed. In the candid interview Britney shares why she begin to subtly push back her boundaries of sex outside of marriage. She unabashedly describes the “situationships” as both the pleasure & fun and toll & nagging on her physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

More overly there’s a few life lessons that Britney unknowingly teaches.

1) The importance of questioning why we do what we do

2) Our will to convince ourselves of what’s “right”

3) What in the world is a situationship…


Listen to Britney’s confession:

She said she’s in ministry, had a plan to save herself for marriage but as a 28 year-old virgin, she found herself in two situationships.



“Christian Minister: I was homophobic…”

Christians in mainstream media, by in large, have ignited the tension and fueled the fire of homophobia. Some may even say it is housed in the heart of Christians who supposedly profess the deepest truest love of Christ. This week, a minister of one thee most historically traditional churches, opens up with his confession on the approach to homosexuality. He shares how God dealt with him and homophobia.


Struggling with Forgiveness…


A widely familiar word yet, the action of true forgiving is rare. This irony exists due to an oblivious misunderstanding of what forgiveness is and who reaps the benefits. We have all been betrayed, mistreated, emotionally/physically abused, and the list goes on indefinitely, but how many of us have let go of all anger, bitterness, revenge, and a negative attitude? Probably very few. If you become irritable at the slightest degree when you think about the person who hurt you, you have not forgiven. It is completely normal to think somewhere along the lines of “it’s not that easy because I have feelings” or “that person does not deserve my kindness” or even “I will forgive, and forget in due time.” I relate, however having this attitude is damaging for our personal maturity and spiritual growth. Why? Because we focus too much on the practicalities of forgiving rather than understanding its strength. It is easy to feel powerless, vulnerable, and susceptible to harm in relation to forgiving. In reverse, it takes work to feel enabled, harmonious, and self-sufficient in relation to forgiving because…

Forgiveness is for YOU!

Allow me to shed light on what it is not:

Forgiveness is not a mutual reconciliation
Forgiving is our way of responding to another person’s injustice which is entirely independent of that person. Reconciliation requires both parties willingness to corporate with achieving an agreement. Perhaps the person who hurt you does not see their fault and act accordingly or, what if you’ve somehow lost all communication. Does this mean forgiving them is impossible?

Forgiveness is not an attempt to forget
Forgiving is an accomplishment following self-proclaimed comprehension of the situation. The likelihood of you forgetting is slim, but the act of forgiving is not challenging you to do so. Instead, it allows you to understand and to live without resentment.

Forgiveness is not a justification for another person’s wrong doing.
Forgiving does not take away from your pain and it does not make the other person right. Your pain is a valid emotion and should never be under minded, but you also deserve peace within your heart.

Please, don’t mistake me for being the guru of forgiveness because I am only speaking from past and current experience. I was involved in four year relationship that put me through every loop you can possibly imagine. I’ve been happy, and I’ve reached the pits of hopelessness. When I reflect on the past, not letting go has been the reason for my inability to heal. In spite of it all, today I am able to recognize how beneficial forgiveness is. I still struggle with it at times, but ultimately I choose my happiness first.