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The Good Returns in November

I REALLY hope you’ve been wondering “what in the world is going on with Good Girl Radio?!” If not, that’s fine. Our feelings aren’t hurt …THAT much. It just means we’ve got work to do! And working is exactly what we’ve been doing! We’ve been working to produce more video, better shows, and to stick to the heart of why we started! Good Girl Radio is meant to be the place where we can have raw, honest, conversations about the realities of navigating this thing called life.  I hope you’re ready…because it’s gonna get real! We’re not in this to entertain or make anyone feel good but we do this to change lives, to free folks from lies & myths that bind us from being everything we are meant to be. Every Good Girl has a confession…



If there is something specific you’d like us to talk about on a show this season, post it anonymously on the confession wall below!


Part 2: The implications of Being labeled a Bad B!&@#

“She’s a baaaaad B!&@#” I’ve heard this phrase countless of times about women who are respected, admired by others or just down right amazing. I’ve heard anthems on the radio about it. I’ve even seen some of my dearest friends and family members mirror what it means to be a bad b!tch. I’ve even rapped about in my teens. But I never considered the underlying unhealthy tone of what was meant to be a self-declaration of womanhood and black womanhood.


If you don’t know, the phrase bad B!&@# has been redefined as a superwoman of sorts, a mythological woman that has it together on all levels from her household, to her business, to her emotions, to her sexuality – everything is always in check and on point.  In part 2 of “The Implications of being labeled the Bad B!tch”  we explore the real health concerns that a simple title brings to the modern day woman.   Listen as Doc Bintu, licensed physician and founder of Heart Beats & Hip Hop,  illustrates how a single label is connected to our social, emotional, and physical health. Doc Bintu argues that the weight of wanting to be this fictitious women is literally destroying our bodies daily. I had to ask to how can a “want” or “admiration” affect my health? Well it goes much deeper than that. It develops into an embodiment of what music, TV, culture has told us was possible as the highest and best expression of ourselves as women. The use of b-word here is self-proclaiming, affirming, and even empowering by some measures. But is the term and all that comes along with killing us ? Listen…



The Implications of the being labeled the Bad B!&@#

What exactly is a bad b!&@#?


Colloquially it’s a woman who is remarkably exceptional in every area of her life. She excels in the workplace, manages her home, is sexually appealing, and is revered in social circles for hard work ethic and accomplishments. I heard the phrase used to acknowledge the “greatness,” the prowess, the amazing conquering abilities of  women of all types of walks of life from the hood to the White House. So how could a word that is used to uplift be so damaging? Because it is a myth.


A bad b!&@# feeds the narrative of the mythological super woman specifically black woman that can do all things – hold her man down, bring home the bacon, make the bacon, be  a sex kitten, and the list goes on. But the one thing that this mythological creature fails at maintaining is her health. This bad bitch and the women that aspire to be her are literally dying.


IMG_31951Dr. Khaalisha Ajala of Heart Beats and Hip Hop


Internal Health Physician & Hospitalist, Doc Bintu, of Heart Beats & Hip Hop shares the correlation of the aspiration of becoming a bad  b!&@# has with a declining health of women who embrace & embody the term.  Listen to our frank conversation as we journey through the history of the word bitch, how it evolved in hip hop culture, how women reclaimed the word, and now, how it effects our mental, emotional, and physical health.


Confession: Why I struggled with losing weight…

For the most part, we agree that in order to lose weight the equation is simple: Eat right & exercise – consistently. Now this is barring any type of medical conditions that can prohibit weight loss – like perhaps a thyroid issue. But one important factor that many doctors, experts, or even women who have reached the goals of healthy lifestyle have failed to address, is an emotional wound that is often tied to the weight gain. Thus the weight loss is ultimately tied emotional healing .

This week on Good Girl Radio, a women shares how she discovered why she continued incessantly struggling to lose weight year after year, program after program, and trainer after trainer. She says not until recently did she connect her struggle with an emotional wound. Listen as she confesses how her battle with weight loss goes much deeper than the physical.


How easy is baby-making?

Oh how we love the Facebook pictures of expecting couples! Everything from the extra pair of too cute booties to the first born wearing a “I’m going to be a big brother or sister” shirt or the classic man holds wife bare belly pic…but how much work really went into making that baby? Much to my dismay… A LOT! The mere fact that you are if reading this, is a miracle. Dr. Carole Kowalczyk of The Michigan Center for Fertility & Women’s Health says there is only a 15% chance per month that a woman will get pregnant. That’s a very small window. So what exactly goes into baby-making? Spoiler alert: It’s not just we get married, have sex, badaboom badabing – then the woman’s stomach grows for 9 months. For a lot of couples it’s tough. Listen as we chat with Dr. Kowalczyk about the issues many couples have with conceiving – both men & women. It’s not just a woman’s issue. This conversation is only one out of many where we want to have a very conversation on the realities of conception for many couples. Listen as we discuss how you know when and if you’re having fertility problems.