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Part 2: When was the 1st time you felt like a woman?

So four women bravely & publicly tackled this question“When was the first time you felt like a woman?”    Najeema, Marybeth, Arielle, and Cameo.


Najeema – Entrepreneur and stay-at-home mother of two who, as Miss Frizzle Says, likes to “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”


Marybeth – kinda like Mary Poppins except practically imperfect in every way! (Cuz that’s the only way to be!)


Arielle – Attorney, wife, mother, sister, friend, lover of life.


Cameo – Loves to laugh at herself & life, thinker, Lover of Life, men, family, & God


The diverse perspectives of the four different women created real conversation that opened the pathway to what they defined  as womanhood. Part two is full of detailed emotional experiences that shaped their outlook on life as woman.

Watch as Najeema, Marybeth, Arielle, and Cameo share the first time they felt like a woman….


The First Time I Felt like a Woman was….


Womanhood “When was the first time you felt like a woman?” is such a loaded question.


It’s a question that so important to the ongoing and full maturation of a woman. A question that causes us to dig deep and self reflect on what truly matters in our life. It’s a question gives answers to what makes us feel and know that we are enough. It opens our eyes to what we value and why we value others but most importantly what we value in ourselves.


So four women bravely & publicly tackled this question. Najeema, Marybeth, Arielle, and Cameo.



Each one providing a different perspective on the times they felt most and least like a woman and what being a woman truly meant. The perspectives are rather intriguing and run the gamut from mother & daughter quarrels, to relationships, to being in control.  Watch and tell us what you think!


Don’t forget “Part 2 of The First Time I Felt like a Woman was….” and Najeema. Marybeth’s and Arielle’s individual stories are coming!




The Good Returns in November

I REALLY hope you’ve been wondering “what in the world is going on with Good Girl Radio?!” If not, that’s fine. Our feelings aren’t hurt …THAT much. It just means we’ve got work to do! And working is exactly what we’ve been doing! We’ve been working to produce more video, better shows, and to stick to the heart of why we started! Good Girl Radio is meant to be the place where we can have raw, honest, conversations about the realities of navigating this thing called life.  I hope you’re ready…because it’s gonna get real! We’re not in this to entertain or make anyone feel good but we do this to change lives, to free folks from lies & myths that bind us from being everything we are meant to be. Every Good Girl has a confession…



If there is something specific you’d like us to talk about on a show this season, post it anonymously on the confession wall below!


Grit, Glam, & Guts… The Power of Your Legacy – Teen Conference 2016

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Grit, Glam, & Guts Teen Conference. It’s a one-day FREE conference that’s dedicated to strengthening and equipping young women to overcome the challenges of the 21st woman and connect teens to existing resources during the summer months.


The Grit, Glam, Guts “The Power of Your Legacy” conference has the goal of helping teen girls develop a positive self-image and establish unity and sisterhood among the next generation of women.

We’ll be in three cities, three weekends!

Flint – June 4th, Detroit – June 11th,  & Lansing – June 18th




This year’s conference tackles social and emotional issues of identity and lays of solid foundation of why sisterhood is essential to the success of individuals, families, and communities.


Speakers from across the state and community will conduct lively and engaging breakout sessions. The sessions will provide pre-teens and teens resources to thrive in an unstable ever-changing society. Sessions will explore healthy relationships, identity vs. image, beauty standards, purpose, and societal pressures.


We know that it takes Grit, Glam, and Guts for any woman to make it in today’s society. Grit represents the necessary hard work to reach goals. Guts are the passion in our hearts to push us to our purpose. Glam is the beauty of wisdom and compassion that’s birthed from experience.


We invite you to be a part of the experience as we capture the voices of hundreds young women from across the state, birth purpose, and hurdle young women from who they are to who they were meant to become.


Head to to learn more & register!


2020 Girls – Grit, Glam, & Guts

This one of the first shows where we are focusing on some of the great work that’s happening in local communities especially as it relates to the empowerment of young girls. 2020 Girls is doing just that! 2020 Girls  is an innovative partnership between the Information Technology Empowerment Center (ITEC) and the Capital Area United Way Women’s Leadership Council, to prepare middle school girls (ages 9–13) for success in STEM in the year 2020 and beyond. It provides an opportunity for young women in mid-Michigan to learn about programming, engineering, and design in courses led by female instructors.


2020 Girls is one the many partner of our annual conference Grit, Glam, & Guts. Grit, Glam, & Guts is a one-day FREE conference that’s dedicated to strengthening and equipping young women to overcome the challenges of the 21st woman and connect teens to existing resources during the summer months.

Learn about one of great resources that’s available to girls at the Grit, Glam & Guts 2016.

To learn more about Grit, Glam, & Guts  or to register click here!



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The top 4 things men experience when dating

Confessions: The Top Four Things Men Experience while Dating

This is part two of  the four part series of what men & women experience while dating.  We are dealing with the men first. In part 2, with are diving deep! No holds barred.  After having conversations with men all over this country, Dr. Sean Holland tells the raw truth of what men are experiencing while dating.  These are men who are truly seeking a long term relationships. He shares exactly what’s going in a man’s head and heart while he’s single and searching.  Ladies, ever wish you could just pry open his head and read his thoughts  what’s going in his head? Guys, ever wonder if you’re alone in your concerns when searching for that one special woman? We’ll this conversation could be a start. Here’s what we are talking about

  1. Men don’t have to work for sex. Even Regular Ole Reggie gets some.
  2. There are consequences of a man’s sexual history on the relationship
  3. Men have insecurities when dating
  4. How will we deal with confrontation when it really matters?

The conversation gets real! If you’re on the dating scene I’m positive this will be insightful, funny, and even provide some conviction.  The ladies version is coming up next!


Part 2: The implications of Being labeled a Bad B!&@#

“She’s a baaaaad B!&@#” I’ve heard this phrase countless of times about women who are respected, admired by others or just down right amazing. I’ve heard anthems on the radio about it. I’ve even seen some of my dearest friends and family members mirror what it means to be a bad b!tch. I’ve even rapped about in my teens. But I never considered the underlying unhealthy tone of what was meant to be a self-declaration of womanhood and black womanhood.


If you don’t know, the phrase bad B!&@# has been redefined as a superwoman of sorts, a mythological woman that has it together on all levels from her household, to her business, to her emotions, to her sexuality – everything is always in check and on point.  In part 2 of “The Implications of being labeled the Bad B!tch”  we explore the real health concerns that a simple title brings to the modern day woman.   Listen as Doc Bintu, licensed physician and founder of Heart Beats & Hip Hop,  illustrates how a single label is connected to our social, emotional, and physical health. Doc Bintu argues that the weight of wanting to be this fictitious women is literally destroying our bodies daily. I had to ask to how can a “want” or “admiration” affect my health? Well it goes much deeper than that. It develops into an embodiment of what music, TV, culture has told us was possible as the highest and best expression of ourselves as women. The use of b-word here is self-proclaiming, affirming, and even empowering by some measures. But is the term and all that comes along with killing us ? Listen…



The Implications of the being labeled the Bad B!&@#

What exactly is a bad b!&@#?


Colloquially it’s a woman who is remarkably exceptional in every area of her life. She excels in the workplace, manages her home, is sexually appealing, and is revered in social circles for hard work ethic and accomplishments. I heard the phrase used to acknowledge the “greatness,” the prowess, the amazing conquering abilities of  women of all types of walks of life from the hood to the White House. So how could a word that is used to uplift be so damaging? Because it is a myth.


A bad b!&@# feeds the narrative of the mythological super woman specifically black woman that can do all things – hold her man down, bring home the bacon, make the bacon, be  a sex kitten, and the list goes on. But the one thing that this mythological creature fails at maintaining is her health. This bad bitch and the women that aspire to be her are literally dying.


IMG_31951Dr. Khaalisha Ajala of Heart Beats and Hip Hop


Internal Health Physician & Hospitalist, Doc Bintu, of Heart Beats & Hip Hop shares the correlation of the aspiration of becoming a bad  b!&@# has with a declining health of women who embrace & embody the term.  Listen to our frank conversation as we journey through the history of the word bitch, how it evolved in hip hop culture, how women reclaimed the word, and now, how it effects our mental, emotional, and physical health.


Good Girl Radio at Vehicle City Fashion Week

Vehicle City Fashion Week, an annual event started by Flint-born designer Kala Wilburn. Every year Kala puts her heart & soul into this creative, boundary-pushing event with a purpose.


Her latest show “Take Flight”  brought in over 400 people plus guest host Goo Goo Atkins! Goo Goo is a celebrity stylist and sister to the gospel mega hit group Mary Mary. Vehicle City Fashion Week is a week of fashion and entertainment dedicated inspiring the creative sector in Flint, and empowering the next generation of youth leaders.



The Fashion show is the culmination of the tireless work that a Genesee County-bred fashion designer continues to pump out for the entire week. The proceeds  from Vehicle City Fashion Week will be used to send community youth to New York City for Fashion Week  through the Fashion Against Violence Program. Kala started The Fashion Against Violence program  after her brother, Antonio Anthony, was shot and killed on October 3, 2011.

Kala continues to work as the owner and operate of Fannie Lucille  where her goal  is to empower people and to help them to see that their life is custom made.


Interested in Good Girl Radio covering you’re event? Contact us.


Part 2: Do You Know Your Pleasure Principle?

We want to take you to your new level of pleasure. It’s not necessarily what you think. Almost instinctually when we hear pleasure, we think sex.  But thinking of pleasure as it only relates to a physical need can be low level of thinking, as we learned in Do you know your Pleasure Principle?  In Part 2 of our conversation on the pleasure principle, Keesa Johnson, MaryBeth, and Cameo King unpack what it means to find and have pleasure. Pleasure can be found in work, clothes, hair, hobbies, and the list goes on into perpetuity. To make the idea pleasure clear- ask your self these two very specific questions:


What brings you pleasure?


What makes you happy?

How did that go? Was it hard? Did it make you think differently about you and what you like or love versus pleasure? To be honest, finding your pleasure points isn’t as easy as you think. The road to pleasure is hard -fought battle, especially for women.  Keesa says that often time society teaches women to carry the weight of the world and to not seek pleasure.



Because pleasure is linked to our purpose, fulfillment of life, passion, and even our ability to create it behooves us as women to seek our pleasure points reverently. Be inspired and listen to the real-time journey of  three women finding their road to pleasure.  Some may have found it momentarily or for that season, others for a lifetime, and another still searching.