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Part 2: When was the 1st time you felt like a woman?

So four women bravely & publicly tackled this question“When was the first time you felt like a woman?”    Najeema, Marybeth, Arielle, and Cameo.


Najeema – Entrepreneur and stay-at-home mother of two who, as Miss Frizzle Says, likes to “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”


Marybeth – kinda like Mary Poppins except practically imperfect in every way! (Cuz that’s the only way to be!)


Arielle – Attorney, wife, mother, sister, friend, lover of life.


Cameo – Loves to laugh at herself & life, thinker, Lover of Life, men, family, & God


The diverse perspectives of the four different women created real conversation that opened the pathway to what they defined  as womanhood. Part two is full of detailed emotional experiences that shaped their outlook on life as woman.

Watch as Najeema, Marybeth, Arielle, and Cameo share the first time they felt like a woman….


The First Time I Felt like a Woman was….


Womanhood “When was the first time you felt like a woman?” is such a loaded question.


It’s a question that so important to the ongoing and full maturation of a woman. A question that causes us to dig deep and self reflect on what truly matters in our life. It’s a question gives answers to what makes us feel and know that we are enough. It opens our eyes to what we value and why we value others but most importantly what we value in ourselves.


So four women bravely & publicly tackled this question. Najeema, Marybeth, Arielle, and Cameo.



Each one providing a different perspective on the times they felt most and least like a woman and what being a woman truly meant. The perspectives are rather intriguing and run the gamut from mother & daughter quarrels, to relationships, to being in control.  Watch and tell us what you think!


Don’t forget “Part 2 of The First Time I Felt like a Woman was….” and Najeema. Marybeth’s and Arielle’s individual stories are coming!




The Good Returns in November

I REALLY hope you’ve been wondering “what in the world is going on with Good Girl Radio?!” If not, that’s fine. Our feelings aren’t hurt …THAT much. It just means we’ve got work to do! And working is exactly what we’ve been doing! We’ve been working to produce more video, better shows, and to stick to the heart of why we started! Good Girl Radio is meant to be the place where we can have raw, honest, conversations about the realities of navigating this thing called life.  I hope you’re ready…because it’s gonna get real! We’re not in this to entertain or make anyone feel good but we do this to change lives, to free folks from lies & myths that bind us from being everything we are meant to be. Every Good Girl has a confession…



If there is something specific you’d like us to talk about on a show this season, post it anonymously on the confession wall below!

The top 4 things men experience when dating

Confessions: The Top Four Things Men Experience while Dating

This is part two of  the four part series of what men & women experience while dating.  We are dealing with the men first. In part 2, with are diving deep! No holds barred.  After having conversations with men all over this country, Dr. Sean Holland tells the raw truth of what men are experiencing while dating.  These are men who are truly seeking a long term relationships. He shares exactly what’s going in a man’s head and heart while he’s single and searching.  Ladies, ever wish you could just pry open his head and read his thoughts  what’s going in his head? Guys, ever wonder if you’re alone in your concerns when searching for that one special woman? We’ll this conversation could be a start. Here’s what we are talking about

  1. Men don’t have to work for sex. Even Regular Ole Reggie gets some.
  2. There are consequences of a man’s sexual history on the relationship
  3. Men have insecurities when dating
  4. How will we deal with confrontation when it really matters?

The conversation gets real! If you’re on the dating scene I’m positive this will be insightful, funny, and even provide some conviction.  The ladies version is coming up next!

Confessions_ The Top 4 Things Men Look for When DatingTHE NEW YOU

Confessions: The Top 4 Things Men Look for When Dating

There’s nothing like hearing the authentic voice of men when it comes to dating.  No games, no hesitancy, no guards up — just the simple raw truth.  This week, that’s exactly what you’ll hear. After talking with guys from all over the country, Pastor Sean Holland gives the unadulterated truth from the brothas who are searching for the love of their life.  He’s sharing the truths about what real men experience – the good, bad, and ugly – while searching for the real thing.  This is part one of a four part series on what both men and women are experiencing on the dating the scene.

Based on our conversation, here are 4 top things men look for when dating:

  1. Engage Intellectually (not sexually)
  2. Being a genuine good friend with no expectations of a relationship
  3. Looking for women who are emotionally whole
  4. Men are looking for women that will allow them fail


Dr. Holland not only shares the top four characteristics that men look for when dating but also explains how a man responds when a woman may lack is one of those areas.  You’ll hear the unique perspective that can only come through being unabashed, telling the truth and sharing experiences without hesitation. Listen up!




I Love But(marriage remorse)...-2

Part 2: I love you BUT….

No relationship is perfect. This is an obvious fact many of us have come to know and experience.  Perfection in a relationship is a mythological idea that sits directly with getting Instagram abs by drinking tea and doing a 30 day challenge.  So at some point, we try to make peace with being an imperfect person and find balance in loving an imperfect person. These facts of life, love, and relationship often lead  to conditional love and the simple but true phrase “I love you but…” This is a continuation of this weeks show where more often times that not were are in relationships where we are consistently unsatisfied on some some level but we deeply love our mate.

So where does this leave us? Is it accepting the flaws and imperfections? Is it loving them in spite of it all?  The quick answer is yes, but the real answer requires so much more. In this conversation, Dr. Sean Holland made it very clear the lack of satisfaction in relationships is rooted in the top core needs of women and women.

Core Needs for Women

  • security
  • non sexual affection
  • open honest communication
  • leadership (ummm…yes I asked…what does this really mean)

Core Needs for Men

  • honor
  • sex
  • fun & friendship
  • support at home


Listen as we unpack what each of the core needs are and what they mean for both men and women.

I love you butcover

Part 1: I love you BUT….

What happens when you love a person BUT there’s thing one itsy bitsy teeny weeny thing that bothers you? It’s that one thing that makes you involuntarily cock your head to the side everytime your partner does it. You know, like being late, not dressing “fly”, has horrible eating habits, isn’t responsible with their money, is two inches shorter. No…I mean you really love this person. They are everything you imagined in a mate. You would give your life for this person but there this one or two (or five things) that you have suppressed, ignored, and smiled through that you can’t help to think about every now and then.

In this week’s conversation with Dr. Sean Holland, we learn if you can be a in successful, healthy, and loving relationship BUT not be totally satisfied with your partner.  We’re discussing:

1. Why we have those issues

2. What to do about them

3. What they say about us

Dr. Holland comes with over two decades of relationship counseling experiencing as Pastor of Epic Center of Worship & president of I am E2E, an organization that equips people to go to the next level.  Dr. Holland says often times issues in relationships arise because a person’s cores needs are not met.  Learn about top core needs of men & women through our conversation about what to do when you love some one but there’s just this one thing….




Part II: Extraordinary Love – Black Love

Being married to a man in the public’s eye has its fair share of challenges. Challenges that some couples handle gracefully and others struggle until they find a sweet spot. But just as difficult and unique as those challenges may be, they can also produce a relationship so deep and so connected extraordinary love that only the heavens could separate the couple. In Part I of Extraordinary Love Dr. Sephira Shuttlesworth shares some of those very details of her self-described extraordinary love to the late civil rights icon Fred Shuttlesworth known as one the Big Three civil rights leaders that included Dr. Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy, and and Fred Shuttlesworth.


In this intimate conversation, she dishes not only how she “caught the big fish” but also  how she prepared herself for the man who was described as most feared man by southern racist by a 1961 documentary.  She says, “God knows what you need when you need it.”


Even though graciously shared some of her newest revelations, even up until this morning, about her marriage …I was still without a doubt nervous. I got sweaty, heart skipped a few beats, and voice quivered (you may hear it …lol) but I must say it was worth it! Listen as she describes her extraordinary love with Fred Shuttlesworth. A man, 36 years her senior, who she says wanted her to prove her love.






Extraordinary Black Love – Dr. Shuttlesworth

There are very few people who intimidate me. Situations have intimidated me. Speaking engagements, without a doubt, have provided a healthy dose of intimidation. And definitely, career opportunities have knocked some fear in my nary hips. But people? nahhh.  But oh contrar! During this show, that all changed.


I’ve learned that people are people with a common need of love and God (one in the same). But when I met Dr. Sephira Shuttlesworth, my spirit was quieted, almost silenced, and I simply had no words. She had both and so much more- most overtly extraordinary black love.


Dr. Shuttlesworth is spent the earlier part of her life creating history without even knowing it by desegregating her local elementary school in 1965 in Jackson, MS. She’s also the wife to described in a 1961 CBS documentary as “the man most feared by Southern racists,” Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. The history books titled Rev. Shuttlesworth along with Dr. Martin Luther King, and Ralph Abernathy as the Big Three.



In part I of this insightful, humbling, eye-opening conversation, Dr. Sephira Shuttlesworth says “God prepares us for what he has for us.” She shares the realities and some intimate moments of her life with the civil rights icon Fred Shuttlesworth in what she described as an explosion and an extraordinary love.





Part II: Yes, I hold double standards for women

I finally got to the point of describing the men’s perspective as sexist. Straight up, no chaser…sexist. This only came after barely scratching the surface in Part 1 of this conversation on double standards. I wanted to confront why two men where adamantly defending a non productive societal lie that’s destructive to relationships and humans in general – double standards. Specifically in this context it’s whe idea of not allowing a woman the freedom to error and be human but rather holding her to the mistakes of her past. This clearly a struck chord.


But at the crux of the conversation was my sincere concern for why grace isn’t shown to women for their sexual history but it is ever so present, accepted and overflowing for their counterparts colorful and even celebrated sexual history.  It’s as simple as holding a holding a standard for someone else but not holding the same standard for yourself. It just made no sense to defend it. To grapple with it, yes? To acknowledge the tension and incorrect way of thinking behind it, yes to that too! But to defend it….hmmm—-


So here I was , an active participant in creating a trusting environment so much so that two men decided to open up an be sincere about their decisions in not dating a women who participated in comparatively the same sexual activities as them. So I asked, why? I laid all the cards out and asked why. The answer, honestly, challenged me to think about my convictions, our natural tendencies, and what you are willing to commit to in a relationship. Listen to his perspective. You may learn something!


I just thought I’d include so quotes from our guest that amazed and tickled me … enjoy..

“So If Alicia Keys came up to me…”

“I used to be a raw dawg back in the gap”

“Would you date a male stripper?”

“I found myself quoting Drake”