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Part 2: The implications of Being labeled a Bad B!&@#

Category: Audio Apr 07, 2016


“She’s a baaaaad B!&@#” I’ve heard this phrase countless of times about women who are respected, admired by others or just down right amazing. I’ve heard anthems on the radio about it. I’ve even seen some of my dearest friends and family members mirror what it means to be a bad b!tch. I’ve even rapped about in my teens. But I never considered the underlying unhealthy tone of what was meant to be a self-declaration of womanhood and black womanhood.


If you don’t know, the phrase bad B!&@# has been redefined as a superwoman of sorts, a mythological woman that has it together on all levels from her household, to her business, to her emotions, to her sexuality – everything is always in check and on point.  In part 2 of “The Implications of being labeled the Bad B!tch”  we explore the real health concerns that a simple title brings to the modern day woman.   Listen as Doc Bintu, licensed physician and founder of Heart Beats & Hip Hop,  illustrates how a single label is connected to our social, emotional, and physical health. Doc Bintu argues that the weight of wanting to be this fictitious women is literally destroying our bodies daily. I had to ask to how can a “want” or “admiration” affect my health? Well it goes much deeper than that. It develops into an embodiment of what music, TV, culture has told us was possible as the highest and best expression of ourselves as women. The use of b-word here is self-proclaiming, affirming, and even empowering by some measures. But is the term and all that comes along with killing us ? Listen…


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